Vision, Mission and Motto


To be an excellent forerunner in empowering students to be successful self learners, who will use their acquired values, skills and knowledge to full potential and contribute to the larger community.

Mission and Values

  • To make your child ready for life.
  • To provide a judicious combination of academic excellence, character building and personality development.
  • To prepare the child to face the challenges of modern life and pursue their studies with a sense of direction and purpose.
  • To improvise the school curriculum from time to time to keep pace with the advances of Education.

Our Motto

Inspiring Excellence in Every Child

We at, VijayKiran Educational Trust, thoroughly believe that the primary duties of educators are to inspire students and thereby smoothen their transition towards higher levels of cognitive development or advancement. At our initial stages, we started off with a burning desire to be in the pursuit of excellence and hence we imbibed the traditional teaching pedagogies and curriculum that was commonly adopted by other schools too. As a group of educators, in the contemporary times, we endeavor to transform our focus by promoting excellence in education from early years. The prime education philosophy of VijayKiran Educational Trust is to inspire excellence in students and education. Our teaching pedagogy is a reflection of our philosophy. Under this framework, we constantly strive to create an ambitious learning environment for our students irrespective of their academic achievement. This means that we ensure to generate an exciting and stimulating learning environment in our classrooms which in turn fosters academic independence and development for each of our students. This inevitably will lead to academic success for all learners. Therefore, we take pride in constantly reviewing our educational curriculum with the help of our experienced teachers and other allied educators. The thorough monitoring guarantees that our students will acquire the key skills that are essential to succeed in the modern world even after they have left us. And as such, the monitoring is an integral pathway for constantly inspiring excellence as we do away with outdated teaching ideologies.

Apart from instilling the modern world capabilities in our students, we take extra efforts to ensure that our students adhere to our rich traditional value system. This forms the cornerstone of inspirational success. Further, we place emphasis on the all-round development of children. This is because students need soft skills like perseverance, resilience and creative thinking in order to take charge of their future. Thus, we are mindful of providing facilities such as modern technologies, sophisticated labs, a sprawling campus and areas for sports. These facilities help the educators to create applied and innovative learning experiences that spark young learners’ curiosity and inspire them to follow their passions. Not only that, children gain immensely through peer interactions during off-academic time under the guidance of their teachers. This also fortifies that students develop a deep sense of compassion and empathy for their friends and peers.

Furthermore, our trained teachers are quite conscious of promoting moral, artistic, leadership, physical and emotional aspects of learning. The quality of our experienced teachers positively impacts the learning in classrooms. Our comprehensive curriculum in this manner stands for promoting both academic and social well-being. This is the other pillar on which our framework of ‘inspiring excellence’ is built. As a result of our efforts, students demonstrate enhanced mental and physical health, a positive sense of self and belonging, the skills and confidence to make positive choices in life. This is why we are the most preferred school!
We would like to stress that we have earned respect in society as, through our sustained efforts, we have gradually transitioned from being in pursuit of excellence for ourselves to inspiring excellence in our students. To reiterate, this has been possible by discarding outdated teaching ideologies and curriculum, opening up a world of growth for our students and instilling respect for traditional values in them. The shift has also been possible as we encouraged both academic and social well-being and helped our students to acquire soft skills. This makes us ahead of the other schools and keeps us in the forefront of inspiration.

Parents and caregivers are confident that their children will acquire valuable skills and become respected members of communities. Parents are aware of the fact that their children will benefit from a wide array of opportunities that we provide, both inside and outside of school. Our efforts have been appreciated and made visible to the community by the seal of excellence that we have earned in the form of ISO 9001: 2015 Certification. VijayKiran Educational Trust is glad to be able to uphold the trust of hundreds of parents.