Cambridge International 

Challenging and inspiring students worldwide

The Cambridge international curriculum sets a global standard for education, and is recognized by universities and employers worldwide. The curriculum is flexible, challenging and inspiring, culturally sensitive yet international in approach.

 Cambridge students at NCFE develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. The curriculum sets clear learning objectives and focuses on developing knowledge and skills in all subjects, providing excellent foundations for the next stage of education.

Learner Attributes

Cambridge learners meet the following five learner attributes

Confident  in working with data, information and ideas (their own and those of others).

• To communicate effectively, have individual views and opinions, still respect and listen to those of others

Responsible for themselves, respectful and considerate to others.

• Take ownership of their learning, set goals and targets and insist on intellectual integrity

Reflective as learners and identify strategies to be lifelong learners

Keen to explore and evaluate ideas and opinions in a structured, logical and analytical way

Innovative and prepared for new and future challenges.

• Are resourceful, creative and imaginative and are flexible to adapt new situations and new ways of thinking

Engaged intellectually and socially

• Prepared for participating constructively in society and the economy, nationally as well as globally

Cambridge Primary English is divided into six stages, the curriculum framework covers knowledge, skills and understanding in the three strands:



Speaking and listening.

Grammar is embedded within the reading and writing strands to promote a meaningful learning experience where learners both explore grammatical concepts through reading                                                                                                           

Cambridge Primary Mathematics explores five content areas:




Handling data

Problem solving

Cambridge Primary Science covers four content areas:

Scientific enquiry





Students develop research, collaboration and creative skills that will help with many aspects of their future learning and development.

Cambridge ICT Starters is a series of modules which assess candidates on their ability to use a range of computer software to communicate, handle information, model and program solutions.                                                                             

Global Perspectives Program develops the skills of research, analysis, evaluation, reflection, collaboration and communication through various global issues or topics that give a range of contexts.                                                                                   

Languages learnt in these primary years are English, Hindi and French, as our aim is to develop linguistic skills in our students.