Learning Areas:

• Personal, Social, Emotional development

• Communication, Language and Literacy

• Mathematical and Logical development

• Knowledge and understanding of the world

• Physical development

• Creative development

• Sensorial learning

Highlights of Montessori System of Education

• Based on helping the natural development of the human being

• Students learn at their own pace and follow their own individual interest

• Students teach themselves using materials specially prepared for the purpose

• Student is an active participant in learning

• Understanding comes through the student’s own experiences via materials and the promotion of children’s ability to find things out for themselves

• Learning is based on the fact that physical exploration and cognition are linked

• Student can work where he/she is comfortable, move around and talk at will while not disturbing others

• The teacher works in collaboration with the students

• The student’s individual development brings its own reward and therefore motivation

• Environment and method encourage internal self-discipline

• Student works as long as he/she wishes on chosen project

• Uninterrupted work cycles

• Mixed age groups

• Shared focus on the acquisition of academic, social, practical and life skills

• The student works as if the adult does not exist in the classroom