Admission Procedure

Admission Enquiry

We are delighted in your chosen interest in NCFE as the pathway for your ward’s education, this academic year.We welcome you to our, cordial community and welcome to partner with you in your zest towards fostering your ward, entering our portals.

In our endeavor to accommodate as many applications as possible, kindly realise that it would also be challenging to house to all those who apply. As we embark to prepare our students for the productive future ahead, it is vital for parents to understand and recognize our Vision, curriculum, culture and extra- curricular opportunities, before applying.

Click here to find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about NCFE.

At VKGI, together we share the responsibility for our student’s success and want you to know that we cater to the best to fulfill our responsibilities. Once you make an informed decision on the choice of the curriculum, download your  Registration Form here

Admission is based purely on merit. Recommendation of any kind would disqualify the aspirant from admission.

For any further clarification, you may email us on or call us at +91 99723 72241/42/43.

For any  queries related to age criteria, please refer our age matrix for respective grades by clicking here.

Tour our site to find out more about the school. You are most welcome to visit our premises and experience the facilities for yourself , across the month. Kindly get in touch with our respective campus’ front desk for booking your visit schedule.

Leadership connect: On prior appointment and request for a detailed access of information in our pedagogic, curriculum, culture and offerings, contact our admission lead.

Please go through our guidelines and admission process before submitting your applications.