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    Our Academic Stages Foster Success, Integrity, and Lifelong Learning

    From Fledging to Basking, our curriculum is mapped according to the National Educational Policy of India, carefully crafted to nurture individual growth, curiosity, and potential. With age-specific programs and a commitment to excellence, we cultivate minds ready for the future

Discover Our Academic Stages

Foundational Stage (Fledging Stage)

Pre Primary to Grade 2

5 Years (Age 3-8)

Preschool education sets out to achieve several goals, including providing opportunities for all children to learn, ensuring that learning is accessible and equitable, and making learning joyful and inclusive.

Preparatory Stage (Watering Stage)

Grade 3 to Grade 5

3 Years (Age group 8-11)

The focus of the classroom in this stage would shift to play, discovery and activity-based learning. This would allow enhanced interaction and engagement in the classroom.

Middle Stage (Blossoming Stage)

Grade 6 to Grade 8
​3 years (age group 11-14)

This stage of learning is focused on introducing and discussing abstract concepts. This helps prepare students for further study in various fields. Experiential learning is explored in relation to different subjects, so that students can learn from real-world experience.

Secondary Stage (Basking Stage)

Grade 9 to Grade 12

4 Years (Age Group 14-18)

The secondary stage of education is for four years and will focus on multidisciplinary approach than the middle stage. Students will be encouraged to think critically analyse and pay attention to life aspirations, and have greater flexibility and choice when it comes to subjects and thoughts on careers.


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The admissions in our Schools is limited and we request the prospective parents to understand the selection process at VKGI.

  1. Fill up the Enquiry Form
  2. Student Interaction/Test 
  3.  Meeting with the Principal
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  5.  Fee Payment
  6.  Document Submission
  7.  Admission Confirmation


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Top scholarships

Extended Daycare

Discover a nurturing and stimulating environment at our day care center, where your child's well-being and development are our top priorities. At our day care, we foster a loving and secure atmosphere, providing top-notch care and early education for children. Through creative play, interactive learning, and age-appropriate activities, we nurture their social, emotional, and cognitive development, preparing them for a bright future ahead

International Baccalaureate

Career-Related Programme (Grade 11-12) (Age 16-18)

The Career-Related Programme (CP) is a comprehensive education framework that brings the academic rigour and global focus of the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme to a customised, career focused pathway for students who wish to pursue a Career-Related education with a unique IB experience.

Programme Leaders

Ms. Saleena Mohamed

Academic Co-Ordinator, Foundational Stage

Ms. Mayuri Kanabar

Academic Co-Ordinator, Preparatory Stage

Ms. Mridula Menon

Academic Co-Ordinator, Middle Stage

Ms. Smitha Menon

Academic Co-Ordinator, Secondary Stage