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Our focus is on developing students' competence, skills and capacity so they can pursue their dreams after they graduate. 

We want our students to have the best possible foundation so they can confidently choose whatever path they want in life.

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National Centre for Excellence Jeevan Bhima Nagar, Bangalore

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​Group of CBSE Schools

National Centre for Excellence has two branches in Bengaluru. Both schools are located in prime locations, close to residential as well as IT hubs, making it an easy choice for families. 

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NCFE School Journey of Joy 

NCFE - Where Learners Find Their Path.

True Excellence at NCFE

AT NCFE school, we help students to find their path in life. In the quest for excellence, we have been providing education that empowers our learners to think critically and solve complex problems. We believe that every learner has the potential to do great things in life.

Student Centric Learning
Attention To Detail
Agile Learning Spaces
Skills For A Lifetime
Student Centric Learning
National Centre for Excellence - Student Centric Learning -NCFE CBSE School

Student Centric Learning

NCFE encourages children to explore the world around them and be self- learners. Our goal is to shift the focus of attention from the teacher to the student with an end goal of developing students who are independent and responsible for their own learning.  Using diverse methods, we create an environment that promotes self - discovery and fosters personal growth and development. We identify children’s needs and tailor our lessons accordingly using some of the best techniques available to enhance knowledge retention and application skills.

National Centre for Excellence - Safety -NCFE CBSE School


At National School for Excellence we cater to the following safety protocols – Physical Safety, Psychosocial safety, School Transport and safety, Background verification of staff and Visitor Management System.

The Covid - 19 protocols are followed with stringent safety procedures and guidelines.

Our campus is Equipped with 24/7 CCTV surveillance and security personnel. All buses are equipped with GPS trackers and the drivers undergo breathalyzer tests daily for ensuring safety of students in transportation.

Attention To Detail
National Centre for Excellence - Attention to Detail-NCFE CBSE School

Attention To Detail

The average teacher to student ratio at NCFE for Foundational Education is 2 : 30, which provides individualized attention. As we move into secondary education we ensure to provide a teacher - student ratio of 1 : 25. The learning outcomes are achieved faster and students feel valued which results in improved performance. 

NCFE utilizes a collaborative approach to teaching with CBSE syllabus, wherein we regularly appraise parents on the child's development and suggests appropriate measures to improve learning/teaching. 

We upskill and upgrade our teachers regularly to build on a complete blended learning methodologies to match global standards.

Agile Learning Spaces
National Centre for Excellence - Agile Learning Spaces-NCFE CBSE School

Agile Learning Spaces

When you think of the best school with CBSE affiliation, our sprawling 6 acre campus with spacious classrooms and open spaces just might be the right choice for your child.

A plethora of sports and extracurricular activities at your disposal for a healthy and fit lifestyle. We make sure, we emphasis on child's holistic development by encouraging them in performing arts , life skills and academics.

Skills For A Lifetime
National Centre for Excellence - Skills for a Lifetime -NCFE CBSE School

Skills For A Lifetime

Here at NCFE, we value strong social skills and confident personalities hence, encourage our students to participate in a plethora of extracurricular activities and competitions. Holistic development is essential to our students' success later on in life, so we set in strong foundation to build leadership skills and self-confidence. Our school is known for focusing on healthy emotional development, while students learn to deal with challenges and express themselves effectively.

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The motive of teaching at NCFE is to guide our students not only towards academic excellence but most importantly we make them ready for life, We teach them not only lessons in the curriculum but also the essence of life.

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Board of Management

Dr. N. VijayaKumar - Chairman - National Centre for Excellence



kiran vijayakumar Director National Centre for Excellence



Padmini VijayaKumar - Secretary Trustee - National Centre for Excellence


​Secretary Trustee

​Our Board of Management has set a vision that is reflected in the goals and actions  of the  school, faculty, staff and board.Our goal is to develop every student as a responsible, independent, mature, balanced person ready to face the challenges of the 21st century world with confidence and enthusiasm.


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