“Globalization is now a reality and our children need to seamlessly fit into the global fabric of work, culture and technology”

A school is always a ‘world in miniature’ where one receives a ‘training for life’, where effective, meaningful and joyful learning takes place. It is here that we begin to learn our lessons of life – to accept challenges, face competition, defeat and failure, and rejoice at victory and triumph. We are of the conviction that giving roots of values is significant so that that our pupils remain firmly rooted to the ground.

Quality Assured

The Vijay Kiran Educational Trust is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Trust. The Trust is promoted and managed by the VijayKiran Group .
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Education through the Pandemic

The education industry has witnessed a massive transformation in varied aspects of its functioning. Every educational institution has played the game well and habituated to the new normal. Here's our story of harmonising to the predicament. 
Vision of Best School in Bangalore


To be an excellent forerunner in empowering students to be successful self- learners, who will use their acquired values, skills and knowledge to full potential and contribute to the larger community.

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Board of Management
Our Board of Management plays a major role in establishing the vision that reflects the overall goals of the school, staff and board.

Dr. N Vijay Kumar

Mrs. Padmini Vijayakumar

Mr Kiran Vijay

Ms. Keerthy Vijay


Best Kindergarten in Bangalore


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Top Montessori School in Bangalore


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Established CBSE School


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Help children continue their learning journey, even at home! 

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