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National Centre For Excellence

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National Centre For Excellence Curriculum

NCFE - Where Learners Find Their Path.

True Excellence at NCFE

AT NCFE school, we help students to find their path in life. In the quest for excellence, we have been providing education that empowers our learners to think critically and solve complex problems. We believe that every learner has the potential to do great things in life.

Student Centric Learning
Attention To Detail
Agile Learning Spaces
Skills For A Lifetime
Student Centric Learning
National Centre for Excellence - Student Centric Learning -NCFE CBSE School

Student Centric Learning

NCFE encourages children to explore the world around them and be self- learners. Our goal is to shift the focus of attention from the teacher to the student with an end goal of developing students who are independent and responsible for their own learning.  Using diverse methods, we create an environment that promotes self - discovery and fosters personal growth and development. We identify children’s needs and tailor our lessons accordingly using some of the best techniques available to enhance knowledge retention and application skills.

National Centre for Excellence - Safety -NCFE CBSE School


At National School for Excellence we cater to the following safety protocols – Physical Safety, Psychosocial safety, School Transport and safety, Background verification of staff and Visitor Management System.

The Covid - 19 protocols are followed with stringent safety procedures and guidelines.

Our campus is Equipped with 24/7 CCTV surveillance and security personnel. All buses are equipped with GPS trackers and the drivers undergo breathalyzer tests daily for ensuring safety of students in transportation.

Attention To Detail
National Centre for Excellence - Attention to Detail-NCFE CBSE School

Attention To Detail

The average teacher to student ratio at NCFE for Foundational Education is 2 : 30, which provides individualized attention. As we move into secondary education we ensure to provide a teacher - student ratio of 1 : 25. The learning outcomes are achieved faster and students feel valued which results in improved performance. 

NCFE utilizes a collaborative approach to teaching with CBSE syllabus, wherein we regularly appraise parents on the child's development and suggests appropriate measures to improve learning/teaching. 

We upskill and upgrade our teachers regularly to build on a complete blended learning methodologies to match global standards.

Agile Learning Spaces
National Centre for Excellence - Agile Learning Spaces-NCFE CBSE School

Agile Learning Spaces

When you think of the best school with CBSE affiliation, our sprawling 6 acre campus with spacious classrooms and open spaces just might be the right choice for your child.

A plethora of sports and extracurricular activities at your disposal for a healthy and fit lifestyle. We make sure, we emphasis on child's holistic development by encouraging them in performing arts , life skills and academics.

Skills For A Lifetime
National Centre for Excellence - Skills for a Lifetime -NCFE CBSE School

Skills For A Lifetime

Here at NCFE, we value strong social skills and confident personalities hence, encourage our students to participate in a plethora of extracurricular activities and competitions. Holistic development is essential to our students' success later on in life, so we set in strong foundation to build leadership skills and self-confidence. Our school is known for focusing on healthy emotional development, while students learn to deal with challenges and express themselves effectively.

Awards & Accolades 

It gives us immense pleasure to share the achievements of our learners and doers at the National Centre for Excellence. It is due to the dedication and smart work of our students, teachers and  parents that we achieve some of the finest accolades today. Congratulation to our stakeholders!!

Leadership At National Centre For Excellence 

NCFE School CV Raman Nagar
NCFE School Indiranagar
NCFE School Mandur
NCFE School CV Raman Nagar
ncfe school Nithya Satish

National Centre For Excellence CV Raman Nagar

“Every CHILD is a student” is a strong belief that stands as the powerful guiding light at NCFE. This ensures a child centric learning environment that embeds a zeal to give our dear students the platform to dream big, the NCFE Way, with a Mission to nurture every child, molding their dreams & aspirations by aligning their views & goals. Our learners are encouraged to realize their potential and to respect their own unique worth as well as that of others. Every child is celebrated as a talented individual where we foster their skills through careful mentorship enriching their 360 degree growth & development.

NCFE, as one of the leading K-12 schools in Bangalore, adapts Modern Learning practices in education thus transforming every child as a Student Leader catering to Learning for Life who in turn can contribute to the living community as an adaptive social being. NCFE also integrates Fit India initiative by enhancing NCFE Sports Village Community Connect along with Skill based Clubs promoting an environment that allows talents to flourish. The development of the school over the past seventeen years has been significant in establishing creative, future-ready student friendly schools with firm foundations enriching the quality of school life, especially for the benefit of our students. Also, the introduction of Robust systems & processes such as VKONNECT, ERP - MCB Platform, access information, SDG 4 & Technology in education further boost the NCFE EXPERIENCE & V - KONNECT.

Ms. Nithya Satish, principal - CV Raman Nagar 

NCFE School Indiranagar
ncfe school Taranum Iqbal

National Centre For Excellence  Indiranagar

NCFE at Indiranagar was set up in the year 2017 placing the student’s individual development at the centre of its educational focus; encouraging active and engaged participation. Individual attention is provided to each student helping them to learn freely by analyzing their learning methods. Questioning is encouraged, and student-led inquiry is prioritized, enabling students to explore. Self-learning is encouraged to empower students to own responsibility of their learning. From the Pre-Primary level to our Secondary level, from Admissions to Senior Management and of course parents and students – we all play a critical role in creating a happy learning environment for our students to believe in themselves, be inspired to aim higher and ultimately find personal and professional success as Global citizens. Whilst academic rigour is important for a child’s success to get the best opportunities in life, I also believe there is a responsibility of providing a balanced education that help students develop strong character, apply skills learnt in school life and the wider world which is our key purpose at NCFE. We strive to support knowledge, help students to acquire 21st century skills and through co-curricular and community service opportunities, enrich the experience of our students. We understand our responsibility to prepare them 
as global citizens.

                                                                            Ms. Taranum Iqbal, principal - Indiranagar

NCFE School Mandur
ncfe school Taranum Iqbal

National Centre For Excellence  Mandur

Education in recent times has undergone a paradigm shift, has multifaceted  function. 

The transformation from childhood to adulthood is an important one. Education has a major role to play in this process. 

We at NCFE, envision an environment, which helps the learner to hone their leadership skills, to achieve their potential and foster their confidence to unfurl new sets of interests, which will have a positive contribution to society. Students are equipped to access the best opportunities of growth and advancement by being prepared linguistically and culturally for them. The concept of ‘enlightened citizen of the world’ will be the backdrop of all their endeavours. Students will be carefully sensitized to environmental concerns, the feeling of nationalism and communal harmony. We believe that every student in our school has the ability to succeed not just academically but as individuals in their own unique ways. 
Great ideas cannot survive unless they come to live for practice.” This is what every learner should understand so that a set goal from any angle can easily be achieved. The secret of any successful teacher or a taught found in adherence to great 3D’s namely, Determination, Duty and Devotion, is to be mastered and the school is a place where the toddlers learn the meaning of the same. As they grow, the school helps them to become responsible and determined. Further, one learns to conquer as one starts believing in oneself and gains perspective beyond the geographical boundaries. In alignment with the NEP, we recognize the importance of equipping our students with a diverse skill set to navigate the complexities of the 21st century. Our curriculum is designed to cultivate not only academic excellence but also essential life skills such as Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving,  Communication and Collaboration, Digital Literacy, Creativity and Innovation, Adaptability and Resilience 
Ms. Geethadevi, principal - Mandur

NCFE - Personality Enrichment Program

Personality development program at NCFE encompasses the dynamics of intrapersonal and  interpersonal development.  Indeed, personality enrichment is progressive and subject to contextual factors and life-altering experiences during childhood. Through diverse approaches, we bring out the best in every student throughout the year.

National Centre for Excellence - Holistic Development

National Centre For Excellence believes in holistic development that encompasses a child’s intellectual, social, mental, physical and emotional skills.

Our approach to teaching practical techniques followed by hands-on teaching styles keep students engaged and inspired. NCFE teaches self-defence to students,  knowing the importance of standing up for one's body. Yoga is a regular habit that is instilled to value well – being of the child. These programmes are offered alongside the academic programme and is orchestrated to balance the child’s growth. We arrange frequent field trips and  practical experiences to ensure all sides of the human brain is nurtured well. Our well - designed holistic development programme ensures each child discovers their uniqueness to find their unique place in the world.

Best School in Bangalore

There are many great schools in Bangalore, but there is one that stands out above the rest. The best school in Bangalore is the National Centre for Excellence (NCFE). NCFE is a private, co-educational school that offers a world-class education to students from Pre – Primary to Grade 12. The school is ISO certified and pursuing authorization as an IB World School. NCFE is also recognized as a top school in Bangalore. The school has a highly qualified and experienced faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and a rigorous academic curriculum. NCFE is committed to providing a well-rounded education to its students and preparing them for success in higher education and beyond.

Awareness Programmes
Co-Curricular Activities and Education
National Centre for Excellence - Sports - NCFE CBSE School


At NCFE,  sports is recognized as a key ingredient to child development. Physical activity fosters a child’s emotional, social and physical health. The outcome of sports at NCFE is seen in enhanced motor skill development and educational performances. Our sports curriculum aims to result in developing team building, self-esteem, efficient time management, improve emotional fitness, leadership skills and boost self- esteem.

Regular physical education classes and  annual sports day encourage students to gain an exposure and confidence to participate in inter-school, state, national  and international competitions.

Awareness Programmes
National Centre for Excellence - Awareness Programme - NCFE CBSE School

Awareness Programmes

NCFE promotes a variety of awareness programmes to ease the growth stages of a child. Programmes like career counselling, summer programmes, public communication, talks and guidance by experts in professional spheres are highly valued by our school community.

Exposure to engagement with IT companies through design and innovation of robotics or AI based projects and mentoring from IT gurus,  provides an extra edge for our future innovators.

Global Festivals and National festivals lend space to meet national warriors and understand of Indian culture and world culture.

Our parental community  and alumni provide value to our students through a sharing of experiences.

Well Being of the teachers and students is significant and we organize age- appropriate programmes to build this consistently.

National Centre for Excellence - Club -NCFE CBSE School


At NCFE, we provide a platform to showcase student’s interest with assorted clubs to promote holistic education. Vocational and Skill development is emphasized on through CCA programmes. Students take initiative in designing the activities with the teachers. The clubs at NCFE, foster a well- rounded portfolio that enhances the competitiveness of the child for higher education. Clubs such as Model United Nations hone communication skills, creative thinking, critical thinking and the power of effectively working with people.

Our plethora of clubs are age- appropriate and challenge our students to improve performance.

Co-Curricular Activities and Education
National Centre for Excellence - Co-Curricualr Activities and Education - NCFE CBSE School

Co-Curricular Activities and Education

We foster intellectual and social development, moral, cultural and ethical values, character development and personality grooming through our co-curricular programme.

Our expert faculty team ensures each student progresses and helps them achieve their goals. 

We provide exposure towards knowledge and skill enhancement through competitions like badminton tournaments, science club activities, performing arts and far more. Our infrastructure complements the purpose of student holistic growth and development.

knowledge is a path, Let's create together

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Admission Process

NCFE CBSE School Quick Facts

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Online Classes at NCFE CBSE School


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Hours of training for teachers per year

At NCFE we lay the foundation for your child’s growth 

NCFE is committed to education and we will never just be just another school. We believe that education is not just about passing exams and that our students should be adaptive and resourceful, not just well-educated. The world is full of knowledge and we want to give our students the skills and tools needed to thrive in it.

The admission process for pre primary schools at NCFE is a simplified one, where parents fill the admission form on the website after which our team will get in touch with respective parent and will be briefed about all the procedures, rules and regulations. We firmly believe that each and every child is a valuable change-maker. NCFE being one of the top schools in Bangalore, where the academic program at NCFE provides children with the tools they need for success in any profession or field. 

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NCFE School Journey of Joy 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Curriculum do you follow?

We at National Centre For Excellence is affiliated to CBSE board 

What is the student to teacher ratio?

At NCFE we have a student to teacher ratio of 15:1

Which is the entry level for admissions ?

The entry level at National Centre for Excellence is at the age of 3 years (calender year)

What is the appropriate age for pre primary classes?
Pre-primary, Level 1 (2 Years 7 Months to 3 Years)
Pre-primary, Level 2 (3 Years 7 Months to 4 Years)
Pre-primary, Level 3 (4 Years 7 Months to 5 Years)
Is there any entrance exam for admissions?

At national centre for excellence there is entrance exam for classes above grade3 and above

What are the second languages offered in national centre for excellence?

Second language offered from grade1 to grade10 are kannada, hindi, sanskrit

What are the third languages offered in national centre for excellence?
  • Third language offered are kannada, hindi, sanskrit, french 
  • The third languages are applicable from grade5 to grade8 
  • No changes of languages will be permitted
Does NCFE provide school transportation?
  • Yes, the school has a fleet of school busses. 
  • They have prefixed routes. 
  • There are female attenders in every bus. 
  • contact the transport department for further information email - transport@ncfe.ac.in
What are the safety measures in school?

Schools are equipped with CCTV in main areas and temperature head 

What are the sports facilities offered?
  • Badminton
  • Chess
  • Carom
  • Table Tennis
  • Basket Ball
  • Cricket
  • Throw ball
  • Volley ball
  • Foot ball
  • Swimming (optional)

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