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    Step into our new NCFE campus and discover spaces designed to ignite your curiosity and fuel your creativity. Our classrooms aren't just four walls; they're nurturing grounds for budding innovators and compassionate leaders. Here, you're not just part of a school; you're part of a thriving, Progressive community.

National Centre for Excellence - Indiranagar

National Centre For Excellence cbse school Admissions open 2024-2025

National Centre for Excellence, Indiranagar Admissions open 2024-25

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Started in the year 2017 with focus on key areas like Knowledge, Character, Skills and Community service to create happy and safe learning environment for every child. 

Why choose NCFE School Indiranagar ?

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National Centre for excellence, Indiranagar was established in the year 2017, to groom the children of today into confident and responsible adults of tomorrow. Our mission is not only to make your child ready for life but to make your child prepared to lead the pathway.

Principal, National Centre for Excellence

National Centre for Excellence - Principal Indiranagar

Our school’s outlook towards the world is an amalgamation of both traditional and modern values. Thus we aim to teach the principles and ethics of yesterday into our students while also raising them as responsible citizens of the world.

Our focus remains at imbibing the notions of community service, character development, inter disciplinary knowledge and creative abilities amongst our students.


Our education pattern is designed in a way to groom our students to fit into the global fabric of work, culture and technology. The year 2021 will be our fourth year into the field of education. Though, the year 2020 introduced the world with an alternate reality, with all work modes switching from offline to online. We at NCFE, Indiranagar are constantly re-innovating and reforming our education system to suit the developmental needs of your ward in a constantly changing world environment. We welcome you to be part of our collaborative community at National Centre for excellence and look forward to grooming your child into a capable adult.

Ms. Taranum Iqbal

Uniqueness of Indiranagar Branch

Educational Trips

Dust-free Sports arena

Parental Engagement Activities

Teacher Student ratio = 1:15

Focus on training and development

Academic Rigor

Safe and Secure Environment



Our schools’ aesthetic design of learning spaces has a underlying objective at NCFE to create a enriching environment and provide our students with a positive experience influenced by movement and natural sunlight.


Our classrooms are spacious, surrounded by greenery and quaint natural elements.

From the corridors and school grounds to the classroom, our school has coupled design and colour to engage students and increase cognition. With the advent of Blended Learning, our classrooms have been re - designed to leverage technology and compliment traditional teaching methods. This new approach of instruction provides the students with more flexibility to customize their learning experience

Faculties at National Centre for Excellence

Our team of teachers at NCFE School are encouraged to use a combination of practical and application based instruction. The course structure and teaching method is designed at par

with global standards of education and at the same time evolving with changing trends.


NCFE School caters to students from Pre-primary to 12th grade. Our curriculum entails both the traditional board subjects and a language - driven structure involving Kannada, Sanskrit, French and Hindi. With an underlying importance on academic excellence, pedagogy at NCFE School is focused on engagement that leads to curiosity.


Our lessons are a combination of key objectives + learning activities and global application of concepts. We regularly assess our students through a medium of graded and non graded assessments that provides students with an opportunity to recall and understand course material.

Students Achievements

National Education Policy (NEP 2020) Curriculum


After School Enrichment Programme (ASEP) in Association With

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Do not hesitate to contact us with any queries.

1054/2, 7th main, 11th cross, LIC Colony, Next to Murugan Temple, Jeevan Bhima Nagar, Bengaluru 560075

Phone : 08047106008

Our Other Branches

CV Raman Nagar
CV Raman Nagar

Started in the year 2006 and located in prime residential area of CV Raman Nagar, National Centre for Excellence with 7.5 acres of land, built the campus to provide students with quality education that helps in building better community. 

NCFE School - Best CBSE School in Bangalore - CV Raman Nagar Branch

Step into our new NCFE campus and discover spaces designed to ignite your curiosity and fuel your creativity. Our classrooms aren't just four walls; they're nurturing grounds for budding innovators and compassionate leaders. Here, you're not just part of a school; you're part of a thriving, progressive community.

NCFE School - CBSE School in Mandur - Mandur Branch

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Curriculum do you follow?

We at National Centre For Excellence is affiliated to CBSE board 

What is the student to teacher ratio?

At NCFE we have a student to teacher ratio of 15:1

Which is the entry level for admissions ?

The entry level at National Centre for Excellence should be of 3+ years (calendar year)

What is the appropriate age for pre primary classes?
Pre-primary, Level 1 (2 Years 7 Months to 3 Years)

Pre-primary, Level 2 (3 Years 7 Months to 4 Years)

Pre-primary, Level 3 (4 Years 7 Months to 5 Years)
Is there any entrance exam for admissions?

At national centre for excellence there is entrance exam for classes above grade3 and above

What are the second languages offered in national centre for excellence?

Second language offered from grade1 to grade10 are kannada, hindi, sanskrit

What are the third languages offered in national centre for excellence?
  • Third language offered are kannada, hindi, sanskrit, french 
  • The third languages are applicable from grade5 to grade8 
  • No changes of languages will be permitted
Does NCFE provide school transportation?
  • Yes, the school has a fleet of school busses. 
  • They have prefixed routes. 
  • There are female attenders in every bus. 
  • contact the transport department for further information email - transport@ncfe.ac.in
What are the safety measures in school?

Schools are equipped with CCTV in main areas and temperature head 

What are the sports facilities offered?
  • Badminton
  • Chess
  • Carrom
  • Table Tennis
  • Basket Ball
  • Throw ball
  • Volley ball
  • Foot ball