Message from the Management & Principal

Dr. N. VijayaKumar - Chairman - National Centre for Excellence

Message from Chairman

"I watched as my children grew up, living in a world without borders. Globalization is now a fact of life and the children of today need to seamlessly fit into the global fabric of work, culture, and technology"

        A school is always a ‘world in miniature’ where one receives a ‘training for life’, where effective, meaningful and joyful learning takes place. It is here that we begin to learn our lessons of life – to accept challenges, face competition, defeat and failure, and rejoice at victory and triumph. We are of the conviction that giving roots of values is significant so that that our pupils remain firmly rooted to the ground.

We have built a school that is not only modern in its infrastructure but also in its curriculum design that will facilitate learning through an enriched curriculum. The search for innovation and improvement is not something new to NCFE and we sincerely believe that there is always scope for improvement in whatever we do and the way we execute our dreams and plans. The school provides a perfect integration of academic excellence and professional learning within a dynamic and interactive framework. We give our students wings of ambition so that they can soar high and look beyond geographical boundaries and promote a culture of Peace and Universal Brotherhood.

As we look forward to the future, we always have believed that education is educating the whole child. We strive to provide knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes and beliefs that are essential for a productive, successful and happy life. We recognize that these goals are best achieved when the school provides an environment in which teachers, parents, staff and others develop and practice core values that benefit the academic, emotional and social needs of all children.


Dr. N. Vijayakumar

kiran vijayakumar Director National Centre for Excellence

Message from Director

"NCFE instructional philosophy is premised on the belief that education should be holistic, touching and impacting all of the students critical dimensions of cognition, social and emotional skills, and physical and sensory development."

We at NCFE encourage and reward success and try to inculcate in children an inner discipline in everything they do, for, ultimately children do what they believe in. We provide lots of opportunities and activities to foster necessary skills – interpersonal, social, communication or academic and to excel in whatever they do and empower them to face the unavoidable challenges of the new millennium. However we do remind them that they need to be humane too!!!                                                               

Children today have a lot more opportunities and schools have realised that education has to become all important and focused today.
Technology has become an integral part and is developing each day and these changes have also made us realise that transaction of the curriculum and educational technology also needs to be updated with the changing times. 
We do realise that it is not enough to sit on our past (laurels but as all dynamic institutions we need to create and recreate a learning atmosphere in our schools.) We seek a challenging and supportive learning environment that capitalizes on the natural curiosity of children as they explore all parts of the curriculum.
We sincerely aim to work together to make NCFE a happy place that children love to attend, a place in which parents believe their children are receiving an education second to none, and a place in which teachers express their joy of working with pride.

  Mr. Kiran Vijayakumar                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Padmini VijayaKumar - Secretary Trustee - National Centre for Excellence

Message from COO

Education has witnessed a change in its course, as it is undoubtedly the answer to a rapidly changing world. It outlines the path for an individual to make choices and the right choices too! From the Gurukul system to the use of smart phones in enhancing learning, we as educators have steadily prepared ourselves for constant change.
Geographical boundaries and ‘my type of thinking’ are breaking down to a mindset that welcomes diversity and preparation for an unknown tomorrow.Today’s students are the first generation of digital education and need to endow themselves with 21st century skills; while being prepared to effectively use the unlimited access of information available, at the click of a button.
At Vijay Kiran Group of Institutions, our core belief is to support students keep afloat with the socio- economic, technology, and cultural changes that the world is experiencing. They need to be equipped with skills and knowledge of the past; conform and coordinate with the present, which is
consistently experiencing transformation. The challenge lies in nurturing our students with the skills, knowledge and
values to be successful through change; which we have fruitfully imbibed into our curriculum. Focus on varied intelligence quotients - emotional, social, intelligence aesthetic and physical is well crafted into the School curriculum.Teachers at VKGI are persistent learners and hone their professional skills to be adept to the changing trends of education. Vijay Kiran Group of Institutions Learning Centre provides the platform for educational research, training and implementation of innovative teaching - learning strategies.We also realize and accept that the role of parents in the education process is imperative and inevitable. Partneringwith parents, we strive to work towards providing the best to our students and ensure they are well grounded to face any challenge, think like leaders, remain humble and mange crisis effectively.
We welcome you to visit us and experience excellence.

Ms. Sunalini Benjamin

Ms. Susan Barrid - Principal - National Centre for Excellence - C.V. Raman Nagar

Message from Principal (CVR Campus)

The first thing I’d like you to know about NCFE School is that we give our students permission to dream big things. Our Mission is to nurture individual potential. We believe in cultivating intelligence and talent. Rather than being fixed and finite, intelligence and talent will expand and grow, given the right encouragement. So we aim to keep students’ dreams and aspirations alive.

It is my proud privilege to be a part of NCFE which is one of the leading schools in Bangalore. I strongly believe that it is Education that transforms a person to live a better life and so feel proud to be in the field of Education. Education is not just teaching and learning lessons. In a more connected, more social world, where students have more choice and greater access to information, schools have to become more flexible and adaptive in order to meet the increasingly diverse needs of modern learners. In NCFE we provide an environment that allows talents to flourish, one that is innovative, progressive and grounded in trust, compassion and respect. Learners are encouraged to realize their potential and to respect their own unique worth as well as that of others. We treat everyone as gifted and talented individuals and foster those talents and gifts through careful mentorship and guidance that is based on respect for all.

The development of the school over the past ten years has been significant. The future will build on the firm foundations which have been established and on the quality of school life, especially for the benefit of our students. The curriculum emphasises the acquisition of knowledge, useful skills, understanding, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities for all students attending our school. The administration and staff believe that every student is unique and special and that they all have the ability to learn. We believe it is our responsibility as educators to nurture and develop every student to their maximum potential. We are doing all we can to ensure that when students eventually leave school, they will do so as confident, caring young people, who are creative, collaborative, and committed to their learning.

We strongly believe in the importance of teachers, parents, and administrators collaborating and communicating openly and frequently. We continually improve the quality of tools of communication, including giving our parents access to an interactive website where they can retrieve pertinent information about their children’s academic achievement. You are encouraged to regularly check our website and read about our exciting academic and co-curricular activities. We look forward to serving you and your children over the coming years.

Ms. Susan Barrid

MRS. Taranum Iqbal - Principal - National Centre for Excellence - Jeevan Bheem Nagar Campus

Message from Principal (JBN Campus)

“Education is an endless journey though knowledge and enlightenment” – Dr. A. P. J. Kalam

National Centre for Excellence JBN, represents a community of educators who always strive for excellence in students. Our commitment is to provide an intellectually challenging environment that will help students to develop into innovative thinkers, creative problem solvers and inspired learners. The moral, cognitive, social & physical development of students is given utmost importance to prepare them for global challenges.The school believes that every student is gifted differently and therefore encourages and provides a platform for students to showcase their talents. Wholesome participation in both inter and intra level competitions is encouraged in students to help them to grow into confident individuals with a willingness to take responsibility.Our faculty with their expertise guide and facilitate students to develop new competencies and skills. Various workshops and in-service training programmes are conducted for teachers to equip them with the latest updates and innovations in the field of education.

As our mission is MAKING THE CHILD READY FOR LIFE, we at NCFE- JBN believe in the importance of teachers, parents and administrators collaborating and communicating openly and frequently.

The tradition of excellence is ours, the choice is yours!