National Centre For Excellence School Transportation

Transporting students safely across Bangalore. Your child's safety is at the heart of everything we do

National Centre for Excellence - School Transportation

Getting to school has never been easier.

We know that parents trust the safety of their wards with us and, for us, that's a responsibility we take very seriously. It's why we use the best in class technology, professionally trained drivers and unrivaled maintenance of our fleet to ensure that your ward has an enjoyable trip to and from school.

15 Different Routes

18 Years of Experience

ISO Certified

National Centre for Excellence - Safe Transportation

Safe and Affordable Transportation

  • Buses provide safe travel.
  • CCTVs are installed in the buses and monitored by the team.
  • Modern buses.
  • All buses are sanitized and maintained regularly to ensure that your ward has a safe travel.
  • Our bus drivers and care takers are trained on a regular basis, to keep your ward safe.
National Centre for Excellence - AI Based Tracking

AI Based Tracking

  • Provides real-time location tracking of your ward.
  • In-time and out-time of students is recorded.
  • Departure and Arrival Notification.

Pledge for Transport Staff

As a driver of the NCFE school transport, I PLEDGE TO:

  1. Wear my seat belt on every ride.
  2. Obey all traffic laws.
  3. Drive with both hands on the wheel.
  4. Keep my eyes on the road and my focus on driving.
  5. Avoid handling a phone, texting, playing with GPS, looking at billboards and scenery on the side of the road, eat and drink, play mobile games while driving.
  6. Never drive under the influence of alcohol, or other drugs.
  7. Never drive faster than the posted speed limit and follow the rules of the road.
  8. There should be no contact with students (including their belongings) except in emergency situations.
  9. Adhere to the Pick-up and drop off bus schedules for students that have been shared by the school authorities.
  10. Not accept any requests from parents/guardians w.r.t special pick-up or drop arrangements.
  11. Notify the school authorities about any inappropriate or unsafe behaviour by the students using the school transport.
  12. Avoid honking (blowing horns) unless it is absolutely necessary.
  13. Use extra precaution when driving in poor conditions, such as heavy rain or fog.
  14. Maintain safe driving distance.
  15. Ensure to work in coordination with the care taker adhering to all school norms.
  16. Drive slowly, defensively and responsibly.

For transport details, kindly contact  080471 85857

For any queries related to transport contact -


  • Transport facilities will be allocated and organized in accordance with actual student numbers before the academic year commences – based on feasibility and viability.
  • The bus will stop at allocated pickup points only.
  • Transport fee once paid is non - refundable.
  • Late comers are not entertained on the bus.


Are all ages allowed to ride the bus?

Students from PP- Grade 12 are allowed to ride the bus.

Will I be able to contact the bus driver and/or care taker?

Only the school’s transport Manager will be able to contact either or drivers are not available by phone while driving the scheduled routes, however, the care taker can be contacted in case of an emergency.

Will it be possible for my ward to have a different pick up in the morning and drop off in the afternoon or vice versa?

It is possible only if the pick up and drop off will need to remain constant and if the seats are available on the required route.

Will I be able to make changes on a day-to-day basis if I need to pick up my ward early?

The student’s parents can pick up their ward provided the Transport Manager is informed.

What if the school schedules early release days?

The school will liaise with the bus services to accommodate changes in timings as officially requested by the school, provided all buses leave at the same time.

What about Parent- Teacher Meeting days?

School transport will be unavailable during PTM days.

What about any sudden holiday that is declared due to a bandh etc?

The school will inform the parents through the circular notice platform.

When is the payment due?

At the beginning of the school year for a new academic session. (June).

Is there a sibling discount?

No, there is no sibling discount for School bus services.

Will there be a refund of the transport fee if required?

The transport fee will not be refunded after 15 days of usage.

The bus didn't show up on time for my ward. How long should he/she wait at the stop?

There will be a waiting period of 5-7minutes based on the traffic in every route or stop. The best solution would be to be in touch with a parent who travels the same route and coordinate the arrival of the bus. This is keeping in mind the need to be sensitive to the bus driver and avoid disturbing him during his drive.

My ward's bus is overcrowded. Can some students be placed on another bus?

The bus will accommodate the children based on the number of seats available. 

I see buses all the time with only a few students on them. What are they doing?(a redundant question)

The students availing transport as per the route will be on the bus. Sometimes we may not have the bus in full capacity as the route may have fewer students who have availed for transport. While we try to club them with other routes, at times this may lead to a longer drive for students.

We live very far from the school and there is no bus stop near for my ward. How do I arrange transportation?

You would need to be able to drop the student to the nearest pick up point of the school bus and likewise pickup your ward at the closest drop -off point of the bus.

My ward goes to a day care provider in an area with bus service. May my ward ride the bus?

Yes, as long as the same pick up and drop off is maintained consistently. (answered in Q3)

My ward is a special need student. To whom should I speak concerning his/her transportation?

The transport Manager and the Principal.

My ward left an item on the bus. How can I retrieve it?

The caretaker would have handed over the item to the Transport Manager.

Why aren't seat belts required in school buses?

It is provided in the appropriate seats.

Why are buses sometimes late?

Traffic snarls lead to delay.

Are my ward's movements being tracked?

Yes, the system is in the process of being developed.

Can my ward eat and drink on school transport?

No. Eating and drinking is not permitted on vehicles. If your ward has a medical condition which means they must eat regularly you must notify the School team/medical needs team of this in advance of the journey.