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Quick Lunch Box Recipes
Need some ideas for your child's lunch box? Check out our quick and easy lunch box recipes. From sandwiches to wraps, we've got you covered.
Back to School
As we emerge successful from the after-effects of the Pandemic, it is an absolute delight to see our students back into the campus
First Day of School
If you are a parent, you are preparing your child for back to school. Here's some tips to help you with this process and avoid stress.
Tips on How to Study Smart Not Hard
If you want to study smart, there is an easy way to do it. Read our tips and tricks to learn faster and study smarter.
Importance of Physical Education in School
As part of the curriculum, physical education shapes a child's physical and mental development and prepares him or her to become a contributing member of society
The Importance of Sense of Humor! 
Sense of humor in children is crucial to their mental well being. A healthy sense of humor is important for a child's good mental health.
Gardening as a Hobby
Gardening is a hobby that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, It is not just a way to connect with nature but also a way to increase awareness.
A Gifted Child
What are the characteristics of gifted child ? Find out the traits you should know about them, what you can do to help your child learn more effectively.
Decoding the NEP for Parents 2.0.2
The NEP 2020 was released by the Union Cabinet on 29th July 2020. The purpose of the series of this newsletter is for parents to have an enhanced understanding of the NEP and engage in the education process of our students effectively.
16.11.21 05:17 AM - Comment(s)
Attitude or IQ – Which is more important?
We live with the notion that IQ is a key factor in determining our success, you will be pleasantly surprised that, it is a myth. Carol Dweck, a leading Stanford psychologist, found that attitude is a better predictor of success.
15.07.21 10:01 AM - Comment(s)