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The Pros and Cons of Technology in Education
The benefits of technology in education can be many, but there are also negative consequences that may occur with the use of this technology.
Importance Of Water Conservation
It's important to conserve water as it is essential for all living beings on earth. Here are some ways to save water.
Importance of Physical Education in School
As part of the curriculum, physical education shapes a child's physical and mental development and prepares him or her to become a contributing member of society
Importance of Education
In order for a society to develop, girls' education plays a significant role, which is why there is a growing awareness of girls' education for a better future.
Digital Footprint
Are you aware of your digital footprint? Would you like to be? It's important to know you are being tracked by data collectors everyday. Learn more about it
Revisiting Childhood Memories
Revisiting Childhood is the blog for parents and educators looking for information on early childhood development and the importance of childhood.
Importance of Child Saftey

A blog that informs and educates parents, teachers, and children around the importance of child safety. The many ways to keep your child safe at home, school, and in public. It is very important to keep track of your children while they are out of your sight. Read more here.

Emphasis on critical thinking and essential learning
Critical thinking is the key to innovation.
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Learners Communiqué 
Showcasing the growth and development of teachers at the Vijaykiran Group of Institutions. Workshops to promote the professional development of teachers in order to impact learning in children.
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The Effect of Education on New age Leadership 
The word new-age leadership is a fairly broad term and is interpreted. The concept of leadership has been around for thousands of years and the best leaders have been studied and analyzed by many. While leadership has changed and strengthened, education is the only constant.
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