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How to read a book the right way: tips from experts!
Reading is one of the best habits that has multiple benefits which will contribute towards a better lifestyle and here are some right ways to do it.
Competition For Students In School
Competitions such as these will encourage students to participate and develop their skills which is a great way to challenge oneself.
Personality Development Programme
This program offers a plethora of activities for students to work and get trained in their areas of interest and passion by experts from their respective fields.
How To Master Time Management And Productivity
Time management and productivity plays an important role in development of child's intrapersonal skills, know more about it from our blog.
Methods of teaching reading
If you are looking for the best place to invest your time then reading books is one of the best ways. Here are some great methods for making reading for children fun
Mental health in children and young people
Are you a parent? Would you like to know how your child's mental health is? Below you will find some information about child's mental health.
Good Handwriting
Developing good handwriting at an early age improves a child's writing skills,. Here are some good handwriting tips for children that will help them develop their personalities.
Tips for Summer Activities
Are your children getting bored? Here we have a few excellent tips to get them occupied.
Crossword Puzzles for Children

The act of solving crossword puzzles increases confidence levels in young children. Problem-solving and developing solutions are fine-tuned through this activity. They are useful skills throughout life. This article will explore the benefits of crosswords for young children.