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The Pros and Cons of Technology in Education
The benefits of technology in education can be many, but there are also negative consequences that may occur with the use of this technology.
Methods of teaching reading
If you are looking for the best place to invest your time then reading books is one of the best ways. Here are some great methods for making reading for children fun
Reasons why you should learn coding
Learning coding is a very rewarding career path, and here are few reasons which might support your thought process to explore the opportunities available.
The Importance of Reading Habit in Children
Reading is a valuable skill that should be honed, discussed, and encouraged. It is a method of gaining knowledge that can benefit children in a variety of ways.
Importance of Education
In order for a society to develop, girls' education plays a significant role, which is why there is a growing awareness of girls' education for a better future.
Importance Of Art And Craft In School
Arts and crafts are an important part of a child's education that also contributes to the psychological development of a child. Read more on this.
Good Handwriting
Developing good handwriting at an early age improves a child's writing skills,. Here are some good handwriting tips for children that will help them develop their personalities.
Digital Footprint
Are you aware of your digital footprint? Would you like to be? It's important to know you are being tracked by data collectors everyday. Learn more about it